Ashton Community Trust

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Name: Ashton Community Trust
Address: 5 Churchill Street, Belfast, Co. Antrim, BT15 5BP
Primary Contact Kevin Donaghy
Telephone: 028 9074 2255
Contract Type(s): Construction Build, Construction Civil Engineering, ICT, Services
Location(s): Antrim, East Belfast, Greater Belfast, North Belfast, South Belfast, West Belfast
Role(s): Apprentice, Student, Trainee: Other, Trainee: Professional
Clause(s): Looked After Children / care leavers, People at risk of criminality/with an offending background, People with a disability, Targeted Recruitment & Training for education leavers, Targeted Recruitment & Training for people 25 years old or over and unemployed for 12 months, Targeted Recruitment & Training for people under 25 years old and unemployed for 6 months


Ashton Community Trust

5 Churchill Street, Belfast, Co. Antrim, BT15 5BP

An employability programme for people who are unemployed/not in training or education and who live in Belfast. We employ over 40 mentors & 20 support staff to provide information, advice, training, interview skills development and a range of additional activities which support movement into employment. The LEMIS+ Project also has its own dedicated Employer Liaison Service (ELS) which works with employers’ right across Belfast to secure job opportunities for people connected to the Project.