Ashton Community Trust

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Name: Ashton Community Trust
Address: 5 Churchill Street, Belfast, Co. Antrim, BT15 5BP
Primary Contact Kevin Donaghy
Telephone: 028 9074 2255
Mobile: 07377 823185
Contract Type(s): Construction Build, Construction Civil Engineering, ICT, Services, Specific Clauses
Location(s): Antrim, East Belfast, Greater Belfast, North Belfast, South Belfast, West Belfast
Clause(s): Paid employment for education leavers, Paid employment for people 25 years old or over and unemployed for 12 months, Paid employment for people under 25 years old and unemployed for 6 months


Ashton Community Trust

5 Churchill Street, Belfast, Co. Antrim, BT15 5BP

An employability programme for people who are unemployed/not in training or education and who live in Belfast. We employ over 40 mentors & 20 support staff to provide information, advice, training, interview skills development and a range of additional activities which support movement into employment. The Belfast Works Project also has its own dedicated Employer Liaison Service (ELS) which works with employers’ right across Belfast to secure job opportunities for people connected to the Project.